Your Time Is Valuable

Your Time Is Valuable

Why Wait at the DMV? We'll Take Care of It

Picture it: You overslept, you have a ton of errands and you haven't even begun to think about dinner, yet you're stuck at the DMV. Most everyone dreads going to the DMV. The long wait times, the drive to the location and sitting in a room full of others who are just as frustrated as you -- it can make some people not want to go at all. Do a search and you'll find that the Department of Motor Vehicles is one of the most hated places to go for a lot of reasons, including the wait.

According to a wait time study done by the DMV, the average wait in California is approximately an hour. In fact, "The longest lines in the country occur in West Virginia, where the average driver will wait over an hour to receive service. Nevada, Louisiana, California and Connecticut rank just behind West Virginia." And, according to YoGov, some wait times in California are over three hours depending on when you go and which location you are visiting.

Unfortunately, a visit to the DMV is often needed unless there is a way to have someone do it for you -- and now there is. Su Casa Valley Insurance Services does more than give you the best insurance available, they also provide the benefit of not having to visit the DMV.

Services That Save You Time

Here are the DMV services that are covered by Su Casa Valley Insurance Services.

  • Annual Vehicle Registration Renewals
  • Replace Lost Stickers and/or Registration Cards
  • Title Transfers
  • Issue Replacement Vehicle Titles
  • Release of Liability
  • Registration Suspensions lifted
  • Replacement of License Plates

Convenience When Time Is of the Essence

Have you ever simply forgotten to renew your tag or driver's license? In today's busy world, that happens quite often. Not only do you have to pay more at the DMV if you are late but you may be fined if you are caught with expired tags or an expired driver's license.

If you have found yourself in this situation, it may not be possible to get to the DMV easily. You have to possibly drive across town in heavy traffic, there's a long wait time and you may not even be able to make it in time due to other obligations like your work schedule.

This is why allowing us to take care of it takes the weight off of your shoulders. There are five locations to serve you (Fresno, Tulare, Selma, Visalia, and Hanford) and all of the forms you might need are available on our website. We also provide real-time delivery on your completed order and a real-time copy of your new registration card or proof of DMV payment posting so you have it in case you're detained in a traffic stop and need to prove that you have taken care of the issue. And all transactions are processed on a same-day basis: Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Saturday and Sundays 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Your Time Is Valuable

We all have heard the phrase, "Time is money," but it's the absolute truth. Having to go to the DMV can put a damper on anyone's day. Don't sit and wait when you can get it taken care of conveniently and easily while you focus on other things that are equally important.